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Daily supplements for health and wellbeing

Let’s face it. Once you hit the 40 year-old mark, you learn a thing or two about taking care of yourself. At my forty two, I have struggled with MS, weight gain, chronic fatigue, rosacea, and yeast overgrowth. The last ten years have been a full-blown battle to self recovery, and after reclaiming my health, I’ve come to value what all these discoveries and healthy foods/supplements have been able to do for me. Here’s a list of the supplements I take daily. On another day, I’ll get into some other supplements that I only take on specific occasions. But for my precious mainstays, we have these:

Candex – I take up to 5 capsules of Candex every morning upon rising along with 5 of the Systemic Enzyme Complex. All of these enzymes work to digest any undigested foods along with the biofilms that harmful parasites and yeast may be using as protection. I also notice that when I take them, I feel less inflamed all over. My muscles feel more mobile and my digestive issues seem calm.

Colloidal Silver  – I take this after the baking soda, to kill any buggers in my intestines every morning upon rising. It has helped so much get the candida under control! I take one teaspoon a day

1 tsp of aluminum free baking soda – this keeps you alkaline (which helps your body detox more easily) and it keeps inflammation down. I just down it with water early in the morning and feel much cleaner and better on the days I take it.

Berberine  – I want to make a whole post about berberine very soon, because it’s just that good. Probably my favorite discovery. It helps those with rosacea too (like me) and it also regulates blood sugar (helps for weight loss) and helps fight candida and bacteria too. I take 1 with each meal.

 Vitamin D3 – being indoors a lot, it’s been found that almost everybody who works indoor is low on this vitamin. I take one 1000mg pill every day, and if I forget to take it, I take my weekly supply in one single dose on Saturdays. My doctor green lighted this, so I find it comfortable to know in case I forget.

Turmeric Curcumin  – 2 pills with every meal, help me keep the inflammation down. This is a great supplement for those who suffer from MS like I do.

 CoQ10 – another great supplement for those with MS, you feel reenergized and it keeps your heart healthy

Glutathione Liposomal– Master antioxidant, keeps you young and healthy. Tastes a bit bitter, though. (My husband thinks it tastes completely awful. BUT it’s so worth it!)

Magnesium (Glycinate) – 2 or 3 capsules at night – help with sleep, detoxing, and relaxation

Melatonin – One 3 mg. capsule every night. If I’m traveling to Europe and need help adjusting to the time zone, I freely take two or up to three of these.

Probiotics – probiotics are very important if you’re struggling with a gut imbalance. I’ve found that the ones I’ve most liked and found effective are the Prescript-Assist capsules. Two a day seem to work, but if your problem is still severe and we’re trying to get it back under control, you might want to work your way up to four a day, or even six. Three in the morning, and three before bed.

Hope these help and comment with any questions or stories you’d like to share. Peace out. (for now). 😀


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Welcome to my little site. Let me guess! You’re here by mistake? Maybe you are – but I don’t believe in mistakes. I believe every little thing that happens in life is there to help you. That life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you. So that’s the aim of my website too. It’s here to help both you and me make sense of life, love, fashion, relationships, romance, and the art (because let’s face it, it IS an art) of living and living fully.  Here I hope to share my lessons and tips, crazy reminiscing adventure stories of me and my dog, and wonderful recipes and life hacks that can be either really bad ideas that I had, or amazing discoveries. (We’ll eventually find out which…  )

I’m a mom, daughter, friend, wife, voracious book reader, compulsive photograph-taker, passionate shopper, and 11-times New York Times bestselling author. After sitting on my comfy, weight-softened chair for four years, writing all of these incredible bestsellers and selling hundreds of thousands of copies around the world, I one morning looked out the window and realized that life – MY life – was passing me by. All the walks I didn’t take, people I never met, and feelings I never felt weren’t even memories as I dwelled in my little comfy fantasy world. Even all the shoes, tops, and bags that I NEVER bought or experienced to wear. That’s where that little niggling – you’ve experienced this niggling right? – Well. That’s where that niggling feeling began.

I experienced this insane longing to experience life again. Ride the waves, feel the feels, taste the tastes and scent the air – even spend all your hard-earned money too. So here I am. This blog is my journey. And it is also yours. Come and take your own journey and let’s see how much life we can squeeze out of each day.  Because these 15 paths are not just yours and mine. They’re the paths of our world, our husbands, fathers, mothers, friends, children. We never need walk our paths alone.