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My my, what big teeth you have! (And so white too!)

Activated charcoal powder shot with macro lens

You know that little story. AH, OKAY, I CONFESS! It’s actually one of my favorites. Little Red Riding Hood. Those big gleaming teeth really did give the wolf away, didn’t they? And unfortunately they give us away too. I can always tell when I’m having too much coffee because my teeth start looking gross! So gross I can’t even tell you! I hate looking at them in the mirror and watching them get from white to worse.

I have tried the home whitening systems, but I find them uncomfortable to use – and they also make my teeth a little too sensitive. I don’t know about you, but I don’t go around searching for painful things for myself. I rather enjoy feeling pleasant instead. So I discovered one way to whiten my teeth that has been incredibly effective, cheap, and easy too!

Activated charcoal.

That’s right. Make it food grade, because aside from whitening your teeth, this baby can save you a visit to the hospital when you suffer from any kind of food poisoning. Trust me, I’ve been food poisoned five times – two with hospital visits. The other three, I was saved by activated charcoal.

I first discovered this black little gem when my dogs accidentally ate a couple of grapes that had fallen to the floor. It was Sunday, my vet was closed, and I panicked. I called the poisoning center and they told me to watch my dogs. I did, and yep, they began throwing up. By then I’d Googled remedies and heard about “activated charcoal” all over. I had none, but that wasn’t a problem. Because as long as you have some bread, you can slip a slice into the toaster and burn it until it’s completely charred black. You scrape all of the charred black stuff off the bread, down it with water, and voila! Activated charcoal to the rescue.

But back to shiny white teeth to put the wolf to shame: using the charcoal from bread might be a little tricky because ideally, a very fine black charcoal will stick (and draw impurities) from your teeth best. So order yourself a small bag of food grade activated charcoal. I use this one. Every night simply brush your teeth with the charcoal powder, and preferably, let it sit on your teeth for five minutes every night. That’s it.

healthy teeth and smile

After the charcoal, if you want to brush with your normal toothpaste, that’s fine. But don’t forget to apply the charcoal FIVE minutes, every day, for a week or two. It’s really quite fast and SO effective you will be thrilled with your teeth and won’t be able to stop flashing those pearlys everywhere. You will definitely have reasons to smile about after this little miracle!

Just be careful when brushing because charcoal is so adhesive – it can hold 100 times its own weight. Don’t wear any white clothes that could stain. ┬áYep, it could stain your clothes but it will UNSTAIN your teeth! Great huh? I think so too!

Until next time ­čÖé xox

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The mind/body/soul connection – and how to fuel it

Zen lotus with petals moved by wind

We all want happier selves. We all want to feel connected, inspired, and happy. The problem is that in the quest for happiness, we sometimes get caught up in the rat race as we look for all of the external ways we can become happier – cars, homes, trips, bags, shoes, lovely furniture.┬áI love that! You probably do too. We all do! (Unless you’re a guru, but in that case, you wouldn’t be reading this blog. You’d be out there, at the tip of a tall mountain, levitating or something cool like that.) So what happens when our quest for all of that GOODNESS (the money, the fame, the fortune, the comforts!) we end up sacrificing that inner connection with our inner compass, and our most truest self?

Things get bad. And sad. Bad and sad.

Because things start to fail us. We acquire the car, but it doesn’t help us feel complete. We land the promotion, but we’re miserable and unhappy even with that huge bonus we’ll be getting. This isn’t because the GOODNESS that we have achieved (yay!! *Pat on the back*) isn’t good, but because we suddenly feel like strangers to ourselves.

So how do you reconnect with YOU? That most important person in your life that is YOU?

Passion here is the compass. You see, when you were born, you were given a certain predisposition that has continued to developed through your life and experience. You were predisposed to like solitude, or to love to be in nature, these are things that are essential to us and to our wellbeing. The things that we like are actually the things that we need to pursue in order to feel connected to our soul. So when that connection feels lost, there has to be a little something that you enjoy, maybe even miss doing, that you can go back to. Or what if you’ve always had that little wiggling niggling feeling inside you that you wanted to learn photography? Go do it.

Perhaps you LOVE training and want to do a marathon. Do it.

When we are happy, the state of happiness brings us into a higher vibration and into alignment with our better, higher selves. In following your passions, you’re not only allowing your soul to guide you toward your path, but you’re also allowing yourself the happiness that will reconnect you fully to your amazing, incredible, unique self once again.

If, however, you’ve come to a point where things feel so off that you have trouble remembering what you’re passionate about, there are other ways to help reconnect with yourself. I know you think I’m going to say meditation, but I’m actually not. I’ve found that meditation is hard to do sometimes, and when I’m feeling stressed it’s near impossible. So my solution is actually chakra alignment.

It’s astonishing, but every time I feel off and go to have a chakra massage, I always notice the masseuse discovers at least one blocked chakra. And it always relates to the problem that I’m having. The throat chakra if I’m swallowing back my words. My solar plexus chakra if I am experiencing low confidence and self-esteem, etc.

A chakra massage is a great way to rebalance all of your energy centers and start to feel like yourself again. But if you don’t know anyone in your town or city who offers these services, fear not! Listening to a chakra balancing guided meditation video can be equally helpful.

I usually head over to You Tube and search “chakra balancing guided meditation” and pick the one that most calls to me. Usually listening to just one clears up my problem, but if it comes back the next day, I will repeat the video twice or three times, until I feel calm, grounded and happy again.

The rat race isn’t a bad thing. It’s quite fun, and it gets all of our juices flowing in our efforts to become better selves, have better lives, and build the future of our dreams. We just need to remember to stop for a moment and fuel up the soul so that we don’t leave it behind. We want our soul there with us in every milestone, every step of the way. ­čÖé



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Manuka Honey for the cold season

Cold season has started and I’m personally not too keen on getting flu shots. I like looking for other healthier ways to keep my immune system going and let me tell you about one – or actually two – big hitters in my arsenal.

Manuka Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar.

Alone, each is truly one of the seven marvels of the world.

But together, they are the WORLD!

So, Manuka Honey is a very special honey because it’s comes from bees that pollinate the Manuka trees (tea trees) in New Zealand. As we all know, tea tree oil has amazing antibacterial, antiviral properties, and honey has always been touted for it’s amazing health properties. So a honey deriving from tea-tree pollinating bees? Sign me up!!

I have used Manuka Honey for four years and have never looked back. I use it as a face mask, mix it with activated charcoal as a bleaching skin agent, slather it over cuts and burns to help speed up healing, and especially, I take a teaspoon in warm water every morning to help my immune system survive the cold season without a single hiccup (or more exactly, without a single cough!)

The higher the + on the Manuka, the more potent it is. I like using the 16+

It’s more expensive than regular honey, but it tastes thick and creamy and addictive, and it is so good for you that you won’t regret trying this baby and stocking it up in your household.

Here’s the recipe. Enjoy and stay healthy!


1/2 glass of warm water

1 tablespoon Manuka honey

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar┬á(I use Bragg’s – I find it the best and most natural ACV, good for alkalizing your body, combating yeast overgrowth, and for overall health!)

And that’s it. Drink up!!


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Self love

I wake up in a hurry, as usual. Quickly annoyed about not finding the perfect clothes. Stressed out before the day begins. Hey, even before breakfast, I’ve already checked on my friends’ social media three times! And compulsively checked email to see if there’s any good news to brighten up my day. There’s none.

Then I realize: I am frequently in this state.

No matter what is ahead for the day, I’m always in a hurry, stressed, and with absolutely no time to check up on someone more important than my friends, or my emails. Myself.

Has it happened to you? Where you are so caught up in your life that you forget to realize who’s the one in charge? Who’s life it is? And the importance of that human being above all others? That’s right. Taking care of yourself and your needs is not selfish. It’s self love. And I’m going to give you a tip of something I do when I realize I need to pause and give myself some love.

I stop what I’m doing. Go and look at myself in the mirror, meet my own eyes in the reflection, and say, “I forgive, accept, and love myself. Unconditionally and completely.”

Then I go off with my day, feeling tons better and more centered. For some reason adding the word “forgive” really helps, because I’ve found that a lot of us have some subconscious feelings of guilt and remorse buried deep inside of us. These little feelings, even when we don’t know where they come from, prevent us from leading a fulfilling life and reaching complete happiness. Forgiving yourself, openly and honestly, IS in fact also accepting and loving yourself. All three of these together combine for a powerful healing elixir that we can all partake of on a daily basis.

Try it out. It does me a world of good, and  then preps me to go off and do good in the world.

Have a happy day!! ­čÖé

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How I beat Candida


Are any of these your symptoms?
Trouble losing weight
Brain fog
Chronic fatigue
Constipation or digestive problems

If you said yes to most or all of these, you might think that there is really nothing you can ever do to get out of this body-hell that you seem to have fallen into. I was in this place for years.

It began when I woke up one morning, paralyzed. Two weeks in intensive care finally revealed my problem – I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was shocked. Up until my thirty-three years of age, I had gone to the hospital twice only – to give birth to each of my two glorious children. Other than that, I was healthy as a horse. Or so I thought. During one of my pregnancies, I began suffering from chronic sinus infections. We thought they were allergies, or bacterial, but they never seemed to respond to antibiotics and always seemed to come back with a vengeance.

Little did I know that the antibiotics I was taking were only feeding a massive yeast overgrowth problem that I was developing. You name it – antibiotics, birth control, bad eating habits, and even smoking were all causing my body to become the perfect environment for this opportunistic yeast to overgrow.

I ended up being treated for MS with interferon twice a day and a ton of steroids, and yet a year later, I had recovered the movement of my right arm and face, but I still didn’t feel better.

I heard about a wonderful naturopathic doctor in Austin, only a few hours drive from my home. I made an appointment, spent three hours relating my whole health history, and came out empowered and determined to take all the tests she required for a full diagnose.

The tests came back a month later and we were able to discern three things. One, that I had a lot of inflammation in my body. Two, that I had yeast overgrowth. And three, that I was vastly under nourished.

We began an aggressive treatment of multivitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory and yeast-combative agents. A year later…I was feeling well, but I still couldn’t lose weight. I stopped the interferon injections, deciding that I really wanted my body to be clean and whole again and not ridden with any unnatural substances. And another year went by – this time, I went on a gluten free, dairy free diet. Alas, finally! I was seeing results, and the weight started coming off. But I still felt “yeasty” – and continued asking my naturopath as to what I could do to finally get this yeast under control.

She recommended I add Candex to the mix of supplements, as well as systemic enzymes to help digest those biofilms that the little buggers sometimes use to shield themselves from the herbs that I was taking that could kill them.

The results WERE INCREDIBLE!!!

They were not immediate. But years of struggling with candidasis and trying all kinds of diets from the The Body Ecology Diet┬áto the GAPS diet┬áhad made me realize that getting rid of it when your body is still weak or imbalanced isn’t easy. You need to try a ten-prong approach to deal with this, and it’s going to take patience, perseverance, and passion.

You need to passionately believe that you can overcome this – and you need to be sure, regardless of the delay in results – to take the actions necessary that point towards that same result that you crave.

So in a nutshell, here is basically my protocol, and I really hope it helps you recover your zest for life, your vitality, and most importantly, the power over your own body once more.

1. Supplements – I’ve made a separate blog post listing all of the supplements I take on a daily basis. If you only get three – make sure it is the Colloidal Silver, and the Candex, and the Systemic Enzyme Complex. If you want to see the whole supplement list, click this link to be taken to my post.

2. Green juices – I make these using my favorite blender of all time, the Vitamix. From the moment I saved up and got mine, making green juices has never been this fun or easy. It comes with a recipe book that even showed me that I could make delicious soup (right! WARM DELICIOUS SOUP!) right in my blender. Plus it’s not a “juicer” because it doesn’t extract all that healthy fiber from the fruit and veggies that you blend. Instead, it blends it all together to give you a BOMB of nutrients that you will love.

3. Exercise – I used to love to sprint and hike and do high-intensity exercises. Little did I know that the yeast was wearing my adrenals down considerably year after year, and that having been diagnosed with MS really taxed me emotionally and physically. Trading off the high-action exercise for softer exercise somehow helped my body turn off of that dreaded fight-or-flight response into one of relaxation and calm, which is highly needed for weight loss.

4. Sleep – Because of the yeast overgrowth, I was having trouble sleeping too. I was afraid of getting dependant on any sleeping drug, so I abstained until I heard about melatonin and discussed taking some with my doctor. She highly recommended I take one 3 mg.┬áMelatonin capsule┬áevery night, along with two or three Magnesium (Glycinate) capsules. Magnesium is needed for nearly every single process in the body, and this form of magnesium is also relaxing and helps with sleep. It doesn’t hurt that it causes you to poop! Waking up every morning, regularly, to go #2 really helps get things moving down in your gut. You want that stuff out rather than in, feeding that opportunistic candida.

5. Self-love – It’s very easy to get caught in the blame-train when you’re diagnosed with a frightening disease and battle a chronic condition. You keep thinking of all the things you could have done differently to have avoided it. But you know what? The blame-game doesn’t help one bit. It only prevents you from feeling the hope, positivity, and optimism that you can feel when you turn your eye to the present and future as you become a better, more empowered version of you.

6.┬áClean eating – Okay this is obviously a must. You’ve heard about all the candida diets out there, and to be honest, I believe every one of these diets can work – if you pair them up with yeast-digesting enzymes and a good lifestyle overall. But the one constant in all of these diets is that the foods that you’re putting in your mouth and body are clean, unprocessed, whole foods that your body can easily digest, and derive rich nutrients from. I love eating organic chicken, wild caught salmon, and large green salad with a home-made dressing which consists in mainly olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper. Mmm, so good! Make your plates colorful and attractive. The prettier they are, the easier it will be to leave the junk food behind and enjoy eating clean and healthy.

7 – Down-time – So I’m calling it downtime but this can truly be anything you’d like that you enjoy and nurtures you. It can be meditation, a slow walk with your dog, listening to music or reading a book by the fireplace. In this dog-eat-dog world and crazy competitive workplace, we tend to feel as if resting and relaxing is a bad thing, and sometimes have trouble allowing yourselves a moment to take a decent breath. DO it. Take a decent breath, take TEN in fact. It’s not only good for your mind and your body, but studies prove that people who allow themselves to rest and recover have better overall performance than those who continue allowing themselves to get burned out. So TAKE that moment to dedicate to you and you alone. You’re worth it.

I hope these help and feel free to comment and share YOUR stories. I’m really wishing that everyone who’s suffered from this is able to heal and emerge victorious.

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Daily supplements for health and wellbeing

Let’s face it. Once you hit the 40 year-old mark, you learn a thing or two about taking care of yourself. At my forty two, I have struggled with MS, weight gain, chronic fatigue, rosacea, and yeast overgrowth. The last ten years have been a full-blown battle to self recovery, and after reclaiming my health, I’ve come to value what all these discoveries and healthy foods/supplements have been able to do for me. Here’s a list of the supplements I take daily. On another day, I’ll get into some other supplements that I only take on specific occasions. But for my precious mainstays, we have these:

Candex┬á– I take up to 5 capsules of Candex┬áevery morning upon rising along with 5 of the┬áSystemic Enzyme Complex. All of these enzymes work to digest any undigested foods along with the biofilms that harmful parasites and yeast may be using as protection. I also notice that when I take them, I feel less inflamed all over. My muscles feel more mobile and my digestive issues seem calm.

Colloidal Silver ┬á– I take this after the baking soda, to kill any buggers in my intestines every morning upon rising. It has helped so much get the candida under control! I take one teaspoon a day

1 tsp of aluminum free baking soda┬á– this keeps you alkaline (which helps your body detox more easily) and it keeps inflammation down. I just down it with water early in the morning and feel much cleaner and better on the days I take it.

Berberine ┬á– I want to make a whole post about berberine very soon, because it’s just that good. Probably my favorite discovery. It helps those with rosacea too (like me) and it also regulates blood sugar (helps for weight loss) and helps fight candida and bacteria too. I take 1 with each meal.

┬áVitamin D3┬á– being indoors a lot, it’s been found that almost everybody who works indoor is low on this vitamin. I take one 1000mg pill every day, and if I forget to take it, I take my weekly supply in one single dose on Saturdays. My doctor green lighted this, so I find it comfortable to know in case I forget.

Turmeric Curcumin ┬á– 2 pills with every meal, help me keep the inflammation down. This is a great supplement for those who suffer from MS like I do.

┬áCoQ10 – another great supplement for those with MS, you feel reenergized and it keeps your heart healthy

Glutathione Liposomal– Master antioxidant, keeps you young and healthy. Tastes a bit bitter, though. (My husband thinks it tastes completely awful. BUT it’s so worth it!)

Magnesium (Glycinate)┬á– 2 or 3 capsules at night – help with sleep, detoxing, and relaxation

Melatonin┬á– One 3 mg. capsule every night. If I’m traveling to Europe and need help adjusting to the time zone, I freely take two or up to three of these.

Probiotics – probiotics are very important if you’re struggling with a gut imbalance. I’ve found that the ones I’ve most liked and found effective are the Prescript-Assist capsules. Two a day seem to work, but if your problem is still severe and we’re trying to get it back under control, you might want to work your way up to four a day, or even six. Three in the morning, and three before bed.

Hope these help and comment with any questions or stories you’d like to share. Peace out. (for now). ­čśÇ